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Royal White Marble

The white marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone rich in carbonate to the formation of which had compacted at very high pressures and temperatures. Some of its components are so-called impurities give it different colors and assure their physical characteristics such us texture and transparency.

The color of marble ranges and found white, brown, red, black, gray, yellow and blue.

The coloration may be streaked, mottled with splashes or uniform.

Among the different textures found limestone, travertine, onyx and quartz.

To give high gloss marble only requires polishing by abrasion, this process is done without chemicals such us waxes, making this highly recommended and safe product for your home.


Royal White Marble is a translucent material with a degree of crystallization, very fine grained with some black streaks that enhance and embellish the material.


It is used for interior and exterior decoration.


In residential finishes enhance, beautify and distinguish your home elegantly.


It is a material that has been used by sculptors of ancient and modern civilizations that this noblene carving have achieved great works of arts.

It is a fine polishing material, is achieved by high compaction of the agglomerates obtained materials from which it is composed.

white marble



Royal White Marble flooring has sufficient hardness heavy traffic it can only be scratched by objects that are harder than marble. It is very suitable for heavy traffic floors such us conventions centers, museums, churches, airports and shopping centers.

It is a beautiful material that provides durability and gloss coatings.


For cleaning use only neutral soap and water.

Often a mixture of vinegar and water is used to clean marble and restore its whiteness, just be careful that the mixture does not contact the material for more than two minutes to not erode.

A damp cloth with warm water enough to clean the dust material.


In Marmoles Robles you can get Royal White Marble blocks, slabs and floors as well as their complements: sinks, moldings, rugs, valances, etc.


In Marmoles Robles we shape your designs with skilled craftsmen and provide advice for your projects.


We can supply any quantity and send them home. We have own quarries.


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