Onyx Slabs

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Onyx Slabs

Onyx Blocks

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Black Onyx Block
Whatsapp Marmoles Robles
Whatsapp Marmoles Robles

Mármoles Robles

Located at the foot of the sierra el Sarnoso, in the mountainous zone, plant for processing Onyx, Marble and Natural Stones   Marmoles Robles is at northwest of the city of Gómez Palacio, Durango, México.  

The semi-desert region of La Comarca Lagunera is working hard on the exploitation of natural deposits. Red Onyx Blocks, Black Onyx Blocks, White Onyx blocks, White Marble Royal and other Natural Stones are extracted from this area and industrialized by Marmoles Robles. 

Has extensive experience in the mining, manufacture and sale of Onyx Stone Blocks and their derivatives for residential finishes that beautify your home, office and commercial centers. 

Own quarries Red Onyx, Black Onyx, Miele Onyx, White Onyx and White Marble Royal allowing it to supply any quantity nationwide and also export item. 

Quarrying is done with the best technology (diamond wire) to achieve export quality standards and provide satisfaction to customers in supplying the materials. 

Have the necessary facilities for the manufacture of derived and clothing of natural stone machinery: Onyx Slabs, Marble Slabs, Onyx and Marble flooring, moldings, baseboards, sinks, rugs, borders, furniture covers and kitchens and crafts made by skilled craftsmen 

Marmoles Robles work with passion to provide the best service to customers. Offer advice in relation to the different materials their use and application to get the best results for your project. 

Marmoles Robles are here to serve, we are sure you will be another one of our satisfied customers. 

You are welcome.


Mr. Pavel Robles.  

Onyx Slabs, ألواح العقيق-, onyxové desky, on玛瑙板on瑪瑙板오닉스 석판onyx plader, losas de ónix, tablas de onix, laminas de onix, placas de onix, onyx-laattoja, onyx laattoja, dalles d'onyx, ონიქსის ფირფიტებიονυχικές πλάκεςगोमेद स्लैबlembaran onyx, lastre di onice, オニキススラブഒലിക്സ് സ്ലാബുകൾpapak onyx, onyx platen, onyx plater, onyksowe płyty, Onyx-Platten, onyx platten, lajes de ónix, plăci onyx, ониксовые плиты, оникс плоче, onyx plattor, оніксові плити, לוחות אוניקס, לוחות אוניקס

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Onyx Slabs
Onyx Slabs
Pisos de Marmol
Marmoles Robles

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